"So many places...so little time" (Baja, Mexico 2009)


Baja Mexico Trip 3/2009 (start at the bottom then up)

22. Back to the good ole USA!!

21. Getting ready for the last leg down pipeline hiway

19. Last night in a nice motel and good rest!

17. Vineyard road

16. Rudy gets hurt and found a relief rider

15. What do you mean we need a bath?

14. Mucho Miles of Cactus

13. Anthony resting in Punta San Fransiquito

12. There is pavement again

11. We've got how many more miles of dirt to eat?

10. Found a cafe by the oceon

9. Oceon front property

8. Coco collects what??

7. Coco's Corner

6. so many places...so little time

5. Stopping to re-adjust from Rough Roads

4. The Baja Banditos

3. San Felipe, Mexico

2. This is a real "personal" service station!

1. Getting ready to go in Yuma, Az. to Baja, Mexico!

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